Grandmother; Ocean

You were breathing

long before I took my first breath on this earth.

Your first sight of me

was in my Father’s arms.


Your gentle breeze was welcoming.

And reminding,

that the world revolves around

the breeze,

the moon,

and the tides.


You laughed in wonder

As I splashed in the waves

(Now a child)

And marveled along side me,

As we explored sea life

During low tides.

Quietly teaching me to observe.


The rhythm of you has guided my steps,




Carrying my own children on my back.



I feel beautiful in your eyes.

I am part of something

Bigger than me,

And beautiful still.

I am a reflection of you.


You have taught me:

It’s ok to fall down, (you were there to dry my tears)

It’s ok to be happy, (and throw my hands up in the air)

It is ok to run on your shores (when my heart is breaking).

To lose my breath,

feel my heart beat again.

Take the time to live,

By the rhythm of the tides.

I am free.


The tides have overseen life

And provide all the beauty

and storms.

The weather

and waves;

tides can be unpredictable.


Though I can’t see it

I can hear

the tell-tale crashing,

The heartbeat of life.

Ebbing and flowing.

The tide is getting low,

the water shallow.


Your hand in mine,

we crest the sandy hill.

We feel the familiar breeze of the ocean.

The clean air fills our lungs,

and tousles our hair.

The Ocean reminds us:

we are all just a part

of the moon

and the tide.


And as long as we observe the rhythm,

the waves,

the moon,

the breath,

We will always be together.


Let us marvel at the beauty in each other,





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