I don’t need you to pray for me,

feel sorry for me,

tell me I’m ugly

– or unhappy,

You don’t have to look at me.

I won’t apologize,

that will  only give you permission

– to slap

– or mock me for eternity.

I tell you this:

I will march for you,

so you can be free.

I will march for me,

our future,

my family.

I won’t stop moving,

or fighting

– against

and for


You have found peace

with the cockroach

that twitters at night

while you sleep in your bed.

That’s nice.

For you.

I will keep my eyes open

to the revolution

the injustice

the inequality:









Don’t have pity,

Don’t pray for me

Pray for you,

But don’t tread on me.


This poem is for those that use prayer for their own passive-aggression, not for my friends and family that pray out of their pure love.

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