Wild and Free

I’m not like you,

Or so I’ve been told.

I’ll never be like you,

Even when I’m old.


You will always have the power,

I will always be weak,

Or so you think.


You can trick my Mum

With your command,

Your piercing words,

And heavy hand.


You trick her into beating me

Yet I can see her pain

Her soul dies again….and again


I see my future, wild and free,

It lies just out of reach.

I will run into my Grammy’s arms,

Her safe haven at the beach.


That day will come and I will run,

So send your wolves to kill

I will tame them still.


You thought you had me locked away

How easy you forget

That deep inside I had the strength

Of which you had not met.


I lit a match and walked away

Flames licking at my heels

My life was never real.


You fed me lies

As your cancer grew.

Tell me again

How God protects you.


I sat there and listened

My head nodding

Mind plotting.


The world was upside down

It all became so clear.

All that I believed

Was fueled by only fear.


I found my courage buried deep

I found my voice

I made my choice.


I choose to use the strength inside

Beauty born from pain.

I use the voice that once was silent

It is mine to claim.


You are right, I’m not like you

And I will never be.

I’m happy, wild, and free.

















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