Don’t look at me!

Don’t look at me,
You monster
Hunting me
    Haunting me
        Watching me
I make myself ugly
You continue pursuit
  I turn away slowly,
    change every route
But always you find me
   In the deep dark places
I scan desperately
   For comprehending faces
I tell them about you
   The things you do
No one believes me
    So you continue
I stand up against you
    Fight on my own
You’re stronger than I am
    desperately alone
And so
    I give in
I have no fight left
    do what you want
You’ve committed your theft
Coming to steal
   Strip my soul bare
Rob me of innocence
   Leave me no air
I hate myself
   Alone in the stall
      Punching my gut
I’m such a slut
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll make my escape
Maybe tomorrow
There will be no rape.

2 thoughts on “Don’t look at me!

  1. Erica I am so sorry this happened to you. At least you know now, this was not your fault! It must have been awful at the time. But HE’S the one who has to live with guilt! You at least are blameless and that makes a HUGE difference. Thank God you have survived and are able to share this, which says a lot.
    Love, Kathy


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