I love the rain

Present day. It is raining. I love the rain. I grew up in Washington, so I am used to the rain. This summer is an unusually dry summer. I have missed the rain.

The sounds of the rain in Carnation were not that of rain hitting the ground, but rain hitting leaves. It would trickle down the leaves and branches to finally meet the ground. I would hear the birds still singing, communicating, and I would imagine I was in the rainforest.

“Don’t open your eyes” I tell myself,

Breathe in the warmth of the rain.

“Don’t open your eyes”

Listen to the birds singing their hollow song.

Laying, planning: I will grab my boots

I will find my jacket

and an umbrella

(to make Mom happy)

I will walk slowly, steadily


To the sounds, the sounds

Of the birds, of the rain,

near and far.

The drops, the melody.

I will breathe,



Breathe in coolness, breathe out warmth

I wonder where the butterflies go

When the rain keeps them from their home,

the wind, the flowers.

Maybe today I will find them.

I will hope to find a butterfly,

or a rainbow

but that would mean,

the rain would stop and the sun would come.

I want to keep the rain.

The clean air,

the wet dirt

the sounds, the breath.

All is quiet


when the rain comes.

all is well.

I can’t wait to open my eyes.


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